Management of OCTG Life cycle
Tenergy has been engaged in OCTG business for over two decades, and has participated in the whole growth process of China's OCTG industry from scratch, witnessing the industry's rise from weakness to strength. As a deep participant and important promoter of industry development, Tenergy always maintains communication and interaction with its peers both domestically and internationally. By closely integrating its business with the trend of industrial development and the urgent needs of customers, it has created a new service model for the full-life-cycle management of oil well pipes. From the research, development and manufacturing of special OCTG threads and materials to warehousing and logistics, and to on-site technical guidance, downhole and on-site well services, maintenance and reconstruction, the company has solved many painful difficulties in the drilling and workover process for domestic and foreign customers, greatly improving operational efficiency while saving costs.
OCTG Maintenance
  • Inspection 
  • Clean 
  • Repair 
  • Reapplication
OCTG Technical Service and Solution
  • Technique and Consultation Service 
  • Failure Analysis of Downhole pipe 
  • Well Following Operation Service 
  • Drilling string Design Service

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