Drilling and Completion Digitalization Technology
Drilling Software
Integrated Logging System
Integrated Drilling Optimization System
Rotary Steerable Drilling System
Drilling Information System
Intelligent Drilling Support System
Total Drilling Support Sysytem-Overseas
Drilling Audition System
Production Information System
EISS Software
Shale Gas Production Management System
Exploration Information System
ChatGPT + Oil & Gas
Acceleration of industrial informatization
ChatGPT easily understand and analyze unstructured data from various data sources (such as achievement data, log data, etc.), and convert it into structured data to facilitate query and analysis.
Accurate data matching
ChatGPT perform semantic analysis on queries and search statements to help users accurately match query results. By better understanding the meaning and purpose of queries, ChatGPT produce more relevant and useful search results based on user intent and context. And ChatGPT also extract technical indicators of various design documents

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