Casing and Tubing
API standard Casing and Tubing
API standard Casing and Tubing J55, K55, L80, N80,P110, C95, Q125 etc 
Premium Connection Casing and Tubing
  • Metal to Metal connection 
  • Flush and Semi-Flush Joint Connection 
  • Integral Upset Connection 
  • Fast Driven Connection
Anti-H2S Casing and Tubing
80SS, 90SS, 110SS, 125SS etc
Anti-Co2 Casing and Tubing
13CR, Super 13CR, 22CR, 25CR, 28CR etc
Casing and Tubing for Low Temperature
80LL, 90LL, 110LL etc
  • Pup joints 
  • Crossover 
  • Coupling 
  • Flow Coupling Blast Joint
Drill Pipe
API Drill Pipe
High Torque Drill Pipe
Anti-H2S Drill Pipe
Aluminum/Titanium Drill Pipe
Pup Joints
Tool Joint
Conductor Pipe
Pipe Body
X52, X56, X60, X70, X80, X100
Connection Type
  • Circle Clip 
  • Multi-start 
  • Flush
Anti-Sand Pipe
Machined from API Tubing and Casing, It used for sand control during the process of completion and oil production, and applied for well stimulation, deviated and horizontal wells, offshore wells etcSlotted Casing and Tubing
Perforated Casing and Tubing
Wire Screened Casing and Tubing
Slotted liner with compound cavity
Thermal Insulation Pipe
Applied for the steam injection and work to reduce heat transfer, energy loss by convection and radiation, VIT with different grades can meet the needs of thermal recovery for heavy oil, deep heavy oil and super heavy oil with different depth and horizontal wells.
Vacuum Insulted Casing
Vacuum Insulted Tubing

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