Oil and Gas AI
Intelligent Equipment Diagnosis
Pumps Diagnosis
Valves Diagnosis
Compressor Diagnosis
Steam Turbine Diagnosis
Land and Offshore Rig Diagnosis
Intelligent Exploration & Development
Automatic Fault Interpretation
Intelligent lithology identification
Logging Interpretation
Oil & Gas Bearing Interpretation
Forecast of Oil & Gas Output
Intelligent Well Control System-Monitoring &Warning
Automatic Identification of Well Control Risk
Automatic Warning of Well Control Risk
Solidify the Expert’s Experience
Automatic Recommendation of Well Control Measures
Intelligent Video Surveillance for Offshore Platform
Statistics of Working Labor
Fire Monitoring & Alarm
Monitoring of Personnel Violation Behavior
Monitoring of Intrusion and Movement
Monitoring of Pollution on Sea and Platform
Intelligent of Petroleum Engineering
Speed Optimization of Intelligent Drilling
Intelligent Detection & Decision
Fracturing Design Optimization
Intelligent HSE Management
Active Real-time Monitoring & Forecasting
Unmanned Guards & Automatic
Operation Reduce the accident by 50% or More
Intelligent Management of Pipeline
Intelligent Diagnosis of Pipeline & Equipment.
Intelligent Risk Forecast of Pipe Line & Equipment
Intelligent Alarming of Pipe Line & Equipment
Real-Time Monitoring of Production Statistics 
Real-Time Monitoring of Production Statistics Intelligent HSE Management of Station

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