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Plush toys have rich colors, colorful and lovely, strange shapes, beautiful movements and pleasant sounds, which can attract the baby's attention, 

promote various sensory activities such as audio-visual contact.

exercise thinking and imagination ability and practical ability, and promote brain development.

Professional Techincaldc
The utility model has the advantages that the pile surface is smooth and smooth, the pile is short, it is not easy to shed hair, it is elastic, and the simulation degree is high; The disadvantage is that compared with the other two kinds of fabrics, it is more difficult to clean, and you can't scrub hard in the process, otherwise it is easy to affect the fullness and flatness of the fabrics after drying.
Environment Safety
PP cotton is an artificial chemical cotton fiber, which is usually called "hollow cotton" or "doll cotton". It has the advantages of excellent extrusion resistance, easy cleaning, quick drying in the air and fluffy degree. Of course, what we value most is that PP cotton has high safety and does not contain chemical stimulants such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents. 

Therefore, factories often use it as a filler for plush toys, pillow cores and other items.
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We believe the very best things are made under the very best circumstances... which is why we only stock ethically made,  plastic free children's toys,  
safe & sustainable gifting.

Purchases that protect our planet.

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We hope you find a treasure amongst our pages that will be loved, enjoyed eventually passed

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