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Tenergy's intelligent oil and gas  team evolved from the relevant team of a former national oil company and has recruited  many talents from Internet companies such as Alibaba and Tencent. It has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent oil and gas services for more than a decade, has proactively responded to the national “Internet +” demand, and has accomplished its historical purpose of enabling the industry through industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data. Now, it has built an independent service team of more than thirty individuals, and it has many successful instances in the services of drilling professional software, drilling informatization, and production well data.

The intelligent oil and gas team at Tenergy is actively performing research and development on software of logging, drilling, directional wells,.  It developed a comprehensive logging  operation system and relevant supporting software and completed the deployment of hundreds of sets of instruments, including logging comprehensive drawing system, big data-based engineering alarm system, logging interpretation and assessment system, element remote transmission system, logging parameter transmission display system. In the field of drilling, a software suite is being created to analyze comparable trajectory, friction, and torque. And also a RSS software were under development. In the field of drilling IT system, Tenergy created Drilling Engineering Operation Intelligent Support System and Overseas Integrated Operation Support System . In the field of production well informatization, it has successfully developed the Liaohe Oilfield drilling supervision platform, a shale gas production management system, the Jidong Oilfield EISC platform software, the Changqing Oilfield exploration information system, and some other professional systems.

Drilling Software

  • Integrated Logging System

  • Integrated Drilling Optimization System

  • Rotary Steerable Drilling System


(Integrated guidance module)

Drilling Information System

  • Intelligent Drilling Support System

  • Total Drilling Support Sysytem-Overseas

  • Drilling Audition System


(Digital Intelligent Wellbore System)

Production Information System

  • EISS Software

  • Shale Gas Production Management System

  • Exploration Information System


(Engineering Alert)

ChatGPT + Oil & Gas

The powerful advantages of ChatGPT technology help the oil industry to open up new innovative areas, improve efficiency and productivity, and thus help the users obtain higher competitiveness and profit returns.

  • Specialties and Advantages

Acceleration of industrial informatization: ChatGPT easily understand and analyze unstructured data from various data sources (such as achievement data, log data, etc.), and convert it into structured data to facilitate query and analysis.

Accurate data matching: ChatGPT perform semantic analysis on queries and search statements to help users accurately match query results. By better understanding the meaning and purpose of queries, ChatGPT produce more relevant and useful search results based on user intent and context. And ChatGPT also extract technical indicators of various design documents and achievement documents accurately.

Training and skill development: ChatGPT apply a large amount of oil industry data and training file to develop corresponding training models and improve employee skills and related professional knowledge.


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