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Engineering ServicesEngineering ServicesEngineering Services

Engineering Services

Tenergy fully understand that projects always need qualified people to manage, monitor and make sure that it’s been done properly and on time. Our team is comprised of Project Executives and Managers, who interact to solve problems, follow up with the client, feed back to manufacturer/contractor and making sure that the project is executed in accordance to the terms and conditions.

Tenergy Worked closely together with engineering company of CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC, as well as many other private production and engineering company, Tenergy already introduced service team to some different countries like Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia etc, now the working scope our engineering covers following aspects:

1. Drilling and Workover Service:

2. Well Completion Service

3. Oil Production and Stimulation Service

4. Coiled tubing Service

5. Sewage treatment project

6. Oilfield construction

7. Line pipe installation.

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